Girl Details/女孩详细


Name 姓名 : 066号XiaoTianTian小甜甜

Age 年龄 : 22 Years Old

Height 身高 : 160cm

Boobs 胸围 : 36E

Room 包房


Hotel work 酒店开工

$90/1 massgge+ HJ/60mins



联系时请说从sg1011看来的! Please say see



Shower togetherv★鸳鸯浴 / BBBJ★无套口交 / Boobs Fuck★乳交 / Chest push★性感胸推 / Roam★全身漫游 / Grasp root★抓根 / Authentic FINGER OIL Massage★正宗油推按摩 / Back Stepping★踩背 / Head,Neck & Shoulder Massage★头,颈,肩部按摩 / Massage: Authentic / Oil★正宗指压/油推按摩 / Uniform seduction★制服诱惑 / Silk stockings temptation★丝袜诱惑 / 69HJ★69 式打飞机 / 99 HDLY★99 式海底捞月 / Lymphatic Detoxification★淋巴排毒 / Sexy Body Massage★性感调情按摩 / GuaSha★刮痧 /




2019-06-15 14:24Jon Says:
Where to meet her for massage
2019-05-30 17:59pee Says:
she is more nice than the photos. Strong girlfriend feeling. Very good massage Ienjoyed over roll. I like the HDLY and her hand job . It was so good. Will come back again 
2019-05-28 22:48Brothaiguor Says:
She is the best masseure regrets for those who wants to engage her for her massage service

Massage service - 10/10
Happy ending - very fast due to my bue tahan climax
2019-05-28 17:59Baki Says:

just had a session with her. the room is nice with its own shower. she came in and i felt she is a respectable lady. she talks in a nice smoothing tone. though i was horny, i allowed her to finish her massage because she is actually quite good at it. impeccable touch. very soon, she got me hard and i buay tahan and unloaded. she politely cleaned up and proceed to massage me. i bug her for another shot. she said she try la, depends on my own body. wow, she managed me to it hard again and this time, i had more fun with auto roaming. very nice landscape. have fun ! P.S, ask for first shot asap if u intend to go for 2
2019-05-28 14:38Iris Says:
Beautiful,bubbly character,her smile really melts my heart. She is simply irrestible. And most importantly her hands work magic, be it massage or HJ. You will feel so relaxed and relieved of all tensions after that. This is a amazing girl, i would say, the prettiest of all massage girls i met. This is a gem not to be missed. Overall rating:90/100.
2019-05-26 16:38Gim Says:
Professional and good massage. No regrets. Body was so relaxed after the session. Will Definitely rtm
2019-05-26 12:09Ram Says:
Totally enjoyed the head and shoulders massage. She spent a long time on those two areas.
As for the last time, which was the best , BBBJ / CIM ! Almost 20 minutes in total.
It was a good workout for little brother, something that most MLs cannot really do well.
When I finally released the load, she kindly wiped me clean and told me to lie there first and rest before showering, as it will better for the little brother.
Worth the time.
2019-05-25 23:39Lopp Says:
I was with her a few hours ago. I was very pleased with the services and the attention she spent on me to make sure that i receive the best treatment . Tian tian is a very attractive young lady,the pictures are accurate. Massage was with the right strength with lots of teasing,very sexual which i succumbs within a short while. Highly recommended,i can not wait to see her again.
2019-05-24 18:12虎豹 Says:
Very good skill in massage and hj cim. Worth the money, bro must try then you know her power.
2019-05-24 15:22Pirk Says:

Very cute and pretty face young girl! Rtm a few times and still looking forward to see her again. Service is good and accommodating. Photos and video is the same when you meet her. Recommend to bros!
2019-05-23 09:48Oppa Says:

This is a good gem in massage and bbbj. Really give me good feelings while she suck my dick deeply. Love her already. She got very good personality which is a plus point. Price is ok for me because really good services and worth it.
2019-05-21 10:58Fal Says:
Tiantian have a big natural boob, and has a perfect massage skill
Yesterday just find her
Tmr salary come out, i will find her again
2019-05-20 18:10Kdknn Says:
She is the very nice girl, good massage and perfect hj
2019-05-20 13:24Sky Says:
She has a best massage service that let me feel relax
I so shoik that her hj let me feel well
2019-05-20 10:54Yonn Says:
Tian tian is the nice girl. Never expected her massage to be so good. Very committed; consistently checked if strength was good, knows enough to release your tensions and let u feel comfortable. Her Hj skill must try too. Awesome experience.
Really a sexy milf not to be missed. I will come again
2019-05-19 21:10Tey Says:
Her face look beautiful and have big natural boobs
Massage very comfortable
Handjob 10/10
No rushing also
2019-05-19 16:26Adi Says:
Tian look very beautiful and have a perfect hand to help me massage and handjob
Her hand so soft when she massage my back,
Massage 10/10
Handjob 10/10
2019-05-19 13:29Kenny Says:
Her massage very authentic, because i have backpain problem, but after find her massage
My backbone feel relax . Very nice girl

Handjob also comfortable
2019-05-19 10:55Kenny Says:
She is nice and have a good massage skill , she smile so nice when open the door
Her handjob service i will give 10/10
And she has a natural big boob
2019-05-19 10:55Kenny Says:
She is nice and have a good massage skill , she smile so nice when open the door
Her handjob service i will give 10/10
And she has a natural big boob
2019-05-19 01:32Bro Says:
Tian tian massage very nice and let me comfortable
Tian tian no rushing and no playing phone while service u
Handjob i will give 10/10
2019-04-16 15:32小哥 Says:

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